Embracing the silence

There is a lot of power in words. There are the words you hear, and the words you speak. The words you read, and the words you write. The words that come from the inner, and the words that come from the outer. However, to understand the words, to appreciate them, and to embrace them, we need silence.

It is in embracing the silence, in embracing the still moments, where we really gain an understanding of what is going on. Reflecting on what is happening around us, on what is happening to us, on what we are doing, and on why we are doing it.

Just stop.

Pause for a moment.

Embrace the silence…

It is in the stopping
It is in the pausing
It is in the reflecting
It is in the presence of the moment

This is when we hear our hearts

The silence is awkward
The silence is uncomfortable
The silence is honest
The silence is truth

This is when I know myself

I can hear my heart
I can hear my thoughts
I can hear my emptiness
I can hear my desperation

This is when I embrace the silence