Remain calm. Embrace the moment.  Slow down. Take it easy.  Be patient.  Let there be quiet. Give yourself a chance to listen. Listen to your soul.

But you have to stop.  Otherwise you won’t hear anything over all the chatter.

What is your soul saying?  What are you yearning for? What are you seeking?

Be still.

Do you hear it?


Give it a moment.

Do you hear it?

What does it say?

Have a look around you. At all that adorns you and calls itself your life. Your soul wants you to take notice. It’s whispering for you to see. Do you see what you have? Do you notice?

You have…much.

Much. Of things.

But…you still want more.

But..what is that whisper saying?  What is your soul telling you?

Quieten down. You will hear. Be still. And listen. Your soul wants more. It’s directing you to seek out more.  But not of what you have.

“Seek out more of something else”, whispers your soul.  You know what it is.

You understand.

But that is hard to seek.

“I will help you”, murmurs your soul.

“It doesn’t have to be so hard”, says your soul.

You will seek more and you will find more.  You will struggle.  But it will be worth it.  Oh, it will be worth it.

For what you find will be greater than what you seek.

For you will be grateful.  And you will stop. Because you will know, that to be grateful,  you must stop.  And you must listen. And your soul’s whispering will be louder.  And it won’t be so hard. You will understand.

You will want more…of this, not of much. For much is enough.